Optic Gallery Presents Ahab’s Mother

Optic Gallery will be hosting the Ahab’s Mother exhibition on Saturday, March 25 from 5 to 8 p.m. Featuring ink drawings by Eugene-based artist Julia Oldham, among other artistic talents, sea creatures and nautical metaphors await your scrupulous eye.

Nestled comfortably in what was an optician’s office more than 100 years ago, Optic Gallery is a non-profit space for artistic collaboration. Created by Melody Owen to expand and share her studio with other artists, this place is quiet, quaint, and perfect for reflective consideration of the arts.

Oldham’s work is a must-see with her interesting background of visual expression. Steeped in a childhood of science and nature, her art often comes in the form of animated narratives. Themes of seclusion, mystery, and communion with animals run deep in Oldham’s work. On this occasion, she will be displaying a series of drawings inspired by Rockwell Kent’s illustrations of Moby Dick and the visual language of graphic novels.

Artists Camas Logue, Cynthia Star, Kristan Kennedy, Tara Jane O’Neil, and Melody Owen will also be contributing marine-themed masterpieces.

If you find yourself having little or no money in your purse, and nothing particular to interest you on shore, why not sail about a little and see the watery part of the world at Optic Gallery.

Find Optic Gallery at 225 SW Madison Avenue #205. Admission is free, just be sure to thank Owen for sharing her cool space with all of us. Learn more about Melody Owen and Optic Gallery atmelodyowen.net/optic/ .

Check out Julia Oldham’s website: www.juliaoldham.com/index.htm.

~By Anthony Vitale