Legal Weed Customer Protection, State Bill

Oregon Responds to Federal Legal Pot Crackdown… Bill Proposed to Protect Cannabis Customers’ Personal Information.

Amidst threats of a crackdown on legal pot by the federal government, Oregon lawmakers are prepared to do whatever it takes to shield our local population from any resulting backlash.

In order to protect the personal information that regional pot shops have collected from buyers, sponsors including Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli and Eugene’s Democratic State Senator and prosecutor Floyd Prozanksi have proposed a new bill that would ensure this information is not confiscated by the feds.

Both lawmakers and others supporting the proposition, including the Oregon Cannabis Business Council, met in Salem on March 7 to have their plan reviewed at the proposed bill’s first hearing. In order to become law, the bill, if accepted, must pass Legislature and then be signed by Governor Kate Brown, who has long promised to make protecting pot buyers and the marijuana business in Oregon a top priority.

While pot shops are required to check IDs to make sure all customers are at least 21 years of age, many go farther by collecting personal information such as names, addresses, birth dates, and driver’s license numbers. The proposed legislation will require businesses to destroy all customers’ information within 48 hours of the law being passed.

~By Kiki Genoa