About This Issue

Since the 2017 inauguration, we the people have had over three months to react and reflect. We’ve marched, made call-ins, debated and spit-fired in the face of exclusionary, arbitrary law and government stride.

Thinking back, what actions have you personally taken to uphold your values, and advocate for those at risk? Communication being key to proactivity, we at the Advocate have cherry-picked some local professionals—from peace facilitators to activists, even a reverend—to speak on the subject.

Some common threads you’ll see in this special Conversations issue: bravery and presence of mind; reciprocating respect as if your life depended on it (because welcome to the nuclear age); finding common ground and sharing narratives; avoiding social media; and treading mindfully into the territory of the “other.”

Now, lend an ear to our local facilitators of peaceful debate here in Corvallis. They knew just what to say.

~By Stevie Beisswanger